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I’ve been really caught up on this whole exfoliating thing lately… mainly because it makes your skin super soft and more touchable.

A simple nudge on the warm always generates a great response… I love it!

In all honesty I can say that there really isn’t a lotion that I use to make my skin soft and plush.  Actually, scratch that… baby oil gel works wonders right out of the shower.  Anyway, I’ve been experimenting with exfoliating different parts of the body other than the obvious.

First, try exfoliating your LIPS.   Your lips always get dry, especially during the winter, and sometimes can leave them looking crusty and unattractive (even with your alleged lip hydrant).  Dry skin can sit on the surface, and who wants to kiss that?  Mix a little brown sugar and water until it gets to a pastes’ consistency.  Slather onto your lips, rub together and rinse for smoother lips.

You can also exfoliate your ARMPITS. I know personally, that scrubbing with a washcloth doesn’t get rid of a darkening pit.  My absolute favorite exfoliant is Elizabeth Arden’s Green Tea Scrub (it’s not discontinued, but any sugar scrub works just fine).

Exfoliating your ELBOWS also helps to cut down on darkening.  Same goes for the knees.  Sloughing away that dead skin can help to reveal the radiant skin underneath!

Give it a shot, you honestly have nothing to lose.  When you exfoliate it’s kind of like shedding skin.  A newer you comes out of the shower looking better than ever!

Sephora also has a Sugar Scrub that will be in my bathroom soon!  I’m an exfoliating FREAK!  If you think I’m crazy, think again.  It’s a cheap spa treatment and leaves you skin more supple than a newborns.  Try it!


I can’t remember who was in the commercial, all I remember is that I saw a FREE tote filled with beauty products that comes with a purchase of $60 after taxes.  I was sooo in there!

Haha… my sister and I were NOT playing!  We were waiting in line by 3:45!  I had it set in my mind that I would buy anything that wasn’t underwear (like beauty products and such), and I managed to keep that promise to myself.  I’ve always heard spectacular things about their cosmetics, but I’ve never tried anything other than the lipgloss.

So we walked in… I’m looking for the makeup, and immediately… I’M IN HEAVEN!  I didn’t get much because my main focus was getting that tote… but I did get a quad, and five-color eye palette, and bottle of perfume I’ve been wanting since last Christmas.

Side note: I don’t know what it is with me and palettes lately, but I have like 50 right now in my makeup bag.  They don’t even fit!

Anyway, the quad I got is called MENAGE.  It’s gorgeous, see for yourself:

My eyes are green, and this quad is a major color complementer.

I also got the Midnight Glamour palette that is superrr fierce!  It’s amazing before you even open up to see the makeup!  The outside of the palette is a huge jewel that looks like a lighter sapphire.  It was $26… can’t remember if it was on sale or not, but it only has five colors… Bummer, but the hues are definitely worth the buck.  And it’s limited edition– meaning it will probably be gone before Christmas.

And lastly, I got this ultra-sexy perfume that I’ve been dying for (partially because of the fly pump-hehe).  It’s from the Sexy Little Things line, and it’s a classic smell if I ever smelled one.  Definitely date-worthy! 😀





“Heaven… I’m in Heaven… and my heart beats so that I can hardly speak…”





I love you Victoria…



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