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So I’m only trying to stick to TWO New Year’s resolutions:

1. ATTEMPT to make it to work on time


2.  Use a significantly less amount of heat on my hair (I can’t handle the heat, so I need to get out of the kitchen).

I’ve noticed a lot of random breakage in my hair over the last month because of: LAZINESS.  When I’m late for work, I’m quick to slap the flatiron or the curling iron in my head instead of doing my hair in a heatless style the night before.  Desperate times call for desperate measures… I haven’t even had a perm since August, so I have no idea how I’m going to completely pull this off.  However, during the summer when I went a month without heat, I noticed an inch of growth 😀 .   How bad can it be?

Sooooo… I have three textured styles that I need to do for the month of January: Bantu knot out, twist set, and roller set.  I’ll be starting out with a Bantu knot out!

This is what the prep looks like:

And the results:


Should I go ahead and introduce myself to my newgrowth?

*I’ll have a video soon on how to create this look, but here are some quick instructions:

Section your hair into at least 12 parts.  If your hair is shorter, more knots will give you better defined curls.  I have medium length hair so I try to do at least 12 knots.   I split my hair down the middle, and then in half again in each section.  I do four knots in the innermost part, and two knots in the outermost part.  I also seal with Hollywood Beauty’s Castor Oil before doing the knot.  THIS STYLE CAN BE DONE BY WOMEN WITH ALL TYPES OF HAIR.  If you hair is fine, I would suggest using a leave-in conditioner or a serum to apply before doing the knot.  If your hair is course, I would suggest doing a moisturizer or a leave -in conditioner.

To do the knot, just take the hair and twist it inwards toward your CENTER part (the one in the very middle of your head).  Make sure that your twist is tight so your curls are defined.  As you twist your hair out to a good length, start to wrap it around into a knot.  Make sure the hair is twisted TIGHTLY all the way through.  Don’t twist it so tight that it breaks, but the twist needs to be evident.  I’ve noticed that if you twist the whole length of the hair first, and THEN wrap, your curls won’t be as neat.

Try it out!  Good luck!

I’ll introduce you to my newgrowth next month  😀


I’ve vowed to myself that I wouldn’t put so much heat in my hair this summer… I really need want the growth.  My haircare regimen is pretty simple thus far:

  • wash once a week
  • deep condition twice a week
  • air-dry
  • blowdry on warm
  • style in a twist-out or curls

For the last couple of weeks, I’ve  been wearing curls.  I normally use small green foam rollers but I’ve  always wanted voluminous curls.  During my weekly splurge-fest at Sally’s, I was looking for the large foam rollers and I couldn’t find them anywhere… so I ran across something better… satin-covered foam rollers!

My friend during college had been warning me that the foam rollers could break my hair, and that I should cover them with something.  I never listened of course, and that’s why I was so excited to find these!  So far, they work great.  They keep the moisture in your hair and smooth the hair cuticle.  Only one problem about these: the satin covering slides off.  Not easily, but something about this bothers me.  Overall, it’s a great product!  I’ll definitely keep using this one throughout the summer!

And look at my curls!

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