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I’ve been really caught up on this whole exfoliating thing lately… mainly because it makes your skin super soft and more touchable.

A simple nudge on the warm always generates a great response… I love it!

In all honesty I can say that there really isn’t a lotion that I use to make my skin soft and plush.  Actually, scratch that… baby oil gel works wonders right out of the shower.  Anyway, I’ve been experimenting with exfoliating different parts of the body other than the obvious.

First, try exfoliating your LIPS.   Your lips always get dry, especially during the winter, and sometimes can leave them looking crusty and unattractive (even with your alleged lip hydrant).  Dry skin can sit on the surface, and who wants to kiss that?  Mix a little brown sugar and water until it gets to a pastes’ consistency.  Slather onto your lips, rub together and rinse for smoother lips.

You can also exfoliate your ARMPITS. I know personally, that scrubbing with a washcloth doesn’t get rid of a darkening pit.  My absolute favorite exfoliant is Elizabeth Arden’s Green Tea Scrub (it’s not discontinued, but any sugar scrub works just fine).

Exfoliating your ELBOWS also helps to cut down on darkening.  Same goes for the knees.  Sloughing away that dead skin can help to reveal the radiant skin underneath!

Give it a shot, you honestly have nothing to lose.  When you exfoliate it’s kind of like shedding skin.  A newer you comes out of the shower looking better than ever!

Sephora also has a Sugar Scrub that will be in my bathroom soon!  I’m an exfoliating FREAK!  If you think I’m crazy, think again.  It’s a cheap spa treatment and leaves you skin more supple than a newborns.  Try it!


Let’s face it:  today’s economy is gradually improving, but our glamourous guilty pleasures aren’t getting any cheaper.  I’m a total beauty junkie, and keeping a low bill at the register can sometimes be an impossible task.  Luckily, Ghada from SmallWorldBeauty reached out to me with an opportunity to write a piece about staying chic without being reluctant to whip out that wallet!

We’ll stick to the basics here, nothing is better than a natural beauty.  One of my favorite moisturizers is drugstore brand Vitamin E cream.  I always make sure to pick up a jar from the local drug store because it’s super cheap, and it hydrates the skin thoroughly.  Vitamin E is great for reducing fine lines and dark spots that may have been the result of acne.  Not only is it cheap, but it will leave your skin feeling soft and is even better after using an exfoliant. 
And now that I’ve brought it up, exfoliating gloves are also a great spa accessory to own .  There are so many pros to owning this product:  you get a spa treatment as often as you like, your body is left as soft as silk, they’re CHEAP… Must I go on? Once again, your reliable drugstore is the place to snag this steal.  It’s way more effective than a loofah or a regular washcloth.  For skin that is even more supple, try slathering on some baby oil gel before you dry yourself off after a shower.
For a more glam approach to being frugal, E.L.F. cosmetics is a great way to go!  I’ve always heard good things about this line, but I’ve always passed it up simply because I assumed it was expensive (it’s sold at Target).  However, I was convinced to take a look at the collection when I found a 10 piece brush set for 10 bucks… can’t beat that!  Nothing in this collection at Target is more than $3!  Foundation, lip stains, concealer, and even FALSIES are unbelievably inexpensive.  I was convinced that this line was a scam, so I tried out one of the lip stains and I have absolutely  no complaints!  It actually worked better than some of the more expensive models because it STAINS your lips as opposed to acting as a gloss.
Aveeno has a Clear Complexion skincare line that is to die for! Not only is it inexpensive, but it contains ingredients that don’t contain harsh chemicals and promote healthy skin.  One of my favorite products is the Clear Complexion Foaming Cleanser, partly because it’s a light foam that gently removes makeup and debris from the face without all the extra irritation that some other cleansers may contain. 
And I love getting manicures, but sometimes relaxing in the spa takes a little too long and becomes just a tad bit too relaxing if you know what I mean : D .  I always get caught up and spend way too  much time and pay for services that I probably don’t even need.  A frugal way of keeping your nails looking looking flashy is to get nail foils.  They’re a great opposition to Minx nails, and just a bit cheaper.  The technique to apply them is the same,and they last for an adequate amount of time. A good brand to get is Blixz Nail Foils.  Only $17.50 for a mani that lasts a month?  That’s a deal that’s not to be turned down!
Of course there are several other products that would make my list, but I wanted to tell you of my absolute favorites!  Trust me, if I had time to go on and on about my favorite beauty steals, you’d be sick of me by the end of my ranting.

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