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I recently visited ULTA beauty to get some products to jumpstart my professional makeup kit… I ended up spending $263 and luckily, I also walked out with a ton of free samples! I got a Brit beauty bag from Pop Sugar, two skincare items from Benefit, and a Mini Ribbon lipgloss from Pop Sugar. I decided to do this review because this gloss has the ultimate moisturizing ingredient: jojoba oil! I’ve mainly heard about this oil being used on hair, but because of the great reviews I decided to try it.

So when you open it up there are three “ribbons” of gloss: one is red, another pink, and the last is a champagne color. My tin is called Peony Pink. The smell kind of reminds of the hairgrease my mom used to use on my when I was younger, but no worries… It doesn’t taste like that! You’re supposed to apply the gloss with your finger, but make sure you are aware of WHEN you’re applying it. Your hands always have germs on them so wash before application or throwaway the gloss within a month or so. Overall, I give this product a 4/5. It doesn’t make me want to throw my Chapstick, but it’s giving it some strong competition!

Check it out here.


I went into Sally’s a while back to get, I don’t know… something random probably… and when I went to cash out the cashier asked me if I used Dr. Miracle’s.  I said no, it makes my head feel dirty sometimes, but she gave me some samples anyway.  I could have sworn she said that the samples were from the same company (maybe she was confused), but this line is called Perfect Results.  When I saw the packaging, I’m thinking that it looks like something generic.  It’s really simple, not too many colors, and even kind of looks like it doesn’t cost much (not that that is a con).  I never tried it, actually it stayed in my hair basket for 6+ months.  Since I use a different shampoo and conditioner every time I lather my locks, I figured I’d give it a shot.  No risk, I didn’t pay for it!  What was to lose?  I HATE when I buy a product and it’s not worth a dime, especially when I had to pay 37462787498 dimes for it.

So I tried it and fell in love!  Well, my hair did at least.  I love when I find a shampoo that doesn’t make my hair feel like paper WHILE under water and a conditioner that makes my hair feel like silk once it’s rinsed out.  So the name speaks for itself, PERFECT RESULTS is exactly what I got.  I was so surprised, pretty much because the packaging threw me wayyy off (don’t judge a book by it’s cover).

I used the Triple Silk Moisturizing shampoo and the Triple Silk Deep Penetrating conditioner, although they have several other products.  The shampoo that I used contains Sodium Laureth Sulfate which is a harsh detergent that can cause hair loss if used in excess.  Am I saying this shampoo with cause you to go bald? NO.  I just wanted to throw that out there: we need to watch the levels of SLS in shampoos. They clean the hair very well, but overuse can be detrimental for you, your hair, and your boyfriend.  I’m just saying… Why do you think companies are opting to make sulfate-free shampoos?

Regardless of the SLS levels, I still loved the shampoo.  I haven’t gone to get a full-sized bottle yet, mainly because I need for the other 27 bottles of shampoo to run low first!  But this will definitely become a staple in my hair regimen!  I have ZERO complaints!

Look at the selection!



I don’t know why I have the urge to try EVERYTHING whenever I walk into the beauty supply or a drugstore.  Recently I’ve been itching to try Olay facial products… but because of their advertising, I thought it was mainly targeted toward older women and women with wrinkly skin. I decided to go ahead and try it, since I just couldn’t resist…  I got the Olay Foaming Cleanser, and it’s AMAZING… it puts Aveeno to shame!  It comes out of the pump like an actual cleanser as opposed to the Aveeno, which comes out as a foam.  Olay has a rich lather, and provides a deep clean.  You’ll be able to tell as soon as you dry your face…

Unlike other washes, this cleanser really leaves your skin supple and minimizes pores!  It’s definitely becoming a staple in my regimen!  I suggest everyone go out and try it… it’s good for anyone with normal skin.  I also use the Equate Beauty lotion with it (it’s the generic Olay lotion from Walmart).  Both work great and keep my skin glowing.

I’ve vowed to myself that I wouldn’t put so much heat in my hair this summer… I really need want the growth.  My haircare regimen is pretty simple thus far:

  • wash once a week
  • deep condition twice a week
  • air-dry
  • blowdry on warm
  • style in a twist-out or curls

For the last couple of weeks, I’ve  been wearing curls.  I normally use small green foam rollers but I’ve  always wanted voluminous curls.  During my weekly splurge-fest at Sally’s, I was looking for the large foam rollers and I couldn’t find them anywhere… so I ran across something better… satin-covered foam rollers!

My friend during college had been warning me that the foam rollers could break my hair, and that I should cover them with something.  I never listened of course, and that’s why I was so excited to find these!  So far, they work great.  They keep the moisture in your hair and smooth the hair cuticle.  Only one problem about these: the satin covering slides off.  Not easily, but something about this bothers me.  Overall, it’s a great product!  I’ll definitely keep using this one throughout the summer!

And look at my curls!

So I’m walking around Walmart for a last  minute Father’s Day gift card and I wander off into the haircare aisle… it’s my weakness, I just can’t help it!  After all of the moisturizing DC’s I’ve done in the last month, it’s about time for a protein conditioner.  I’ve had my eye on the Organic Root Stimulator Hair Mayonnaise but I never felt like shelling out ten bucks for it, soooooo I found another hair mayonnaise for $4.08.  Not a bad steal at all… especially because it worked great on my hair.

I got two GREAT pros from this product…:

  • soft hair
  • great scent

…and one con that I can deal with:

  • semi-tangled hair

Also, I’ve been trying to steer away from products that contain little or no alcohol because of it’s drying effects… Tresemme is my favorite moisturizing conditioner but I might have to give it the boot because of the alcohol content.  If alcohol is in the first five ingredients on the list, then it probably is  high in content.

I just applied the conditioner after washing with Cream of Nature Professional Sunflower and Coconut Conditioning/Detangling Shampoo and put a plastic cap on for about an hour.  Seriously, my hair was so soft afterwards, and I know if my hair is conditioned by the way my hair air-dries.  If I leave it out to air-dry for about 30  minutes, and my roots dry really fast and are dry to the touch, then my hair didn’t get what it needed from that conditioner.

With all that being said… I think I’m really going to ditch all these other products and stick to my no-alcohol diet.  For my hair, I mean.

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