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I recently visited ULTA beauty to get some products to jumpstart my professional makeup kit… I ended up spending $263 and luckily, I also walked out with a ton of free samples! I got a Brit beauty bag from Pop Sugar, two skincare items from Benefit, and a Mini Ribbon lipgloss from Pop Sugar. I decided to do this review because this gloss has the ultimate moisturizing ingredient: jojoba oil! I’ve mainly heard about this oil being used on hair, but because of the great reviews I decided to try it.

So when you open it up there are three “ribbons” of gloss: one is red, another pink, and the last is a champagne color. My tin is called Peony Pink. The smell kind of reminds of the hairgrease my mom used to use on my when I was younger, but no worries… It doesn’t taste like that! You’re supposed to apply the gloss with your finger, but make sure you are aware of WHEN you’re applying it. Your hands always have germs on them so wash before application or throwaway the gloss within a month or so. Overall, I give this product a 4/5. It doesn’t make me want to throw my Chapstick, but it’s giving it some strong competition!

Check it out here.


It’s late… I created this look while watching the Bad Girls Club reunion… Was anyone else mad that Jade came up on stage trying to run it??? #HAVEASEATMAAM … I just don’t get it!

Any.Way.  Just thought I’d share my creation with you.  And this is the nicest lip I’ve probably ever worn!  It’s a light pink liner and lipstick with a shimmery gold shadow patted on top.  Check it out…

**And for the record… I had my sister put on the lashes… I accidently grabbed two DIFFERENT ones.  -_- Nothing I could do once the glue dried… :).

Thanks to Erin from Scandalous Beauty, I found out about a contest that Target is having… I have no idea how far I will go in this but I figured I’d give it a shot!  Here’s my vid:

So I went to Target yesterday, and no matter what, I ALWAYS make sure to check out the cosmetics section (mainly NP Set, NP Plixi, and Sonia Kashuk).  I’ve been looking for a new foundation because my Revlon liquid has SPF and makes my face look a little washed out on camera.  Fiending for a brand other than drugstore, I found this NP Set Memory Foundation on clearance for $7.  It was originally $28, so I decided to give it a try.  I tried the tester, and it looked pretty good but I knew I had to wait until I got home to get the full effect.  After putting it on my face on top of my concealer, I loved it!  It’s really a tinted moisturizer but it acts just like a foundation.  Doesn’t make your face look cakey, looks natural, and also “recreates younger, dewier skin” which is a factor I’ve been looking for for a while now.  The label says A blend of vitamin E, Vitamin C and seaweed extract to nourish and protect the complexion. FOR THE WIN.  I needed this for sure!  I purchased this product in Medium Dark, and you can find these products at Target (they have an amazing line) or at the official Napoleon Perdis Set website.

I’ve been really caught up on this whole exfoliating thing lately… mainly because it makes your skin super soft and more touchable.

A simple nudge on the warm always generates a great response… I love it!

In all honesty I can say that there really isn’t a lotion that I use to make my skin soft and plush.  Actually, scratch that… baby oil gel works wonders right out of the shower.  Anyway, I’ve been experimenting with exfoliating different parts of the body other than the obvious.

First, try exfoliating your LIPS.   Your lips always get dry, especially during the winter, and sometimes can leave them looking crusty and unattractive (even with your alleged lip hydrant).  Dry skin can sit on the surface, and who wants to kiss that?  Mix a little brown sugar and water until it gets to a pastes’ consistency.  Slather onto your lips, rub together and rinse for smoother lips.

You can also exfoliate your ARMPITS. I know personally, that scrubbing with a washcloth doesn’t get rid of a darkening pit.  My absolute favorite exfoliant is Elizabeth Arden’s Green Tea Scrub (it’s not discontinued, but any sugar scrub works just fine).

Exfoliating your ELBOWS also helps to cut down on darkening.  Same goes for the knees.  Sloughing away that dead skin can help to reveal the radiant skin underneath!

Give it a shot, you honestly have nothing to lose.  When you exfoliate it’s kind of like shedding skin.  A newer you comes out of the shower looking better than ever!

Sephora also has a Sugar Scrub that will be in my bathroom soon!  I’m an exfoliating FREAK!  If you think I’m crazy, think again.  It’s a cheap spa treatment and leaves you skin more supple than a newborns.  Try it!

I don’t know why I have the urge to try EVERYTHING whenever I walk into the beauty supply or a drugstore.  Recently I’ve been itching to try Olay facial products… but because of their advertising, I thought it was mainly targeted toward older women and women with wrinkly skin. I decided to go ahead and try it, since I just couldn’t resist…  I got the Olay Foaming Cleanser, and it’s AMAZING… it puts Aveeno to shame!  It comes out of the pump like an actual cleanser as opposed to the Aveeno, which comes out as a foam.  Olay has a rich lather, and provides a deep clean.  You’ll be able to tell as soon as you dry your face…

Unlike other washes, this cleanser really leaves your skin supple and minimizes pores!  It’s definitely becoming a staple in my regimen!  I suggest everyone go out and try it… it’s good for anyone with normal skin.  I also use the Equate Beauty lotion with it (it’s the generic Olay lotion from Walmart).  Both work great and keep my skin glowing.

Affordable nail care is pretty easy to find right now, but sometimes you may not always have the most satisfying experience.  For years, Asian-owned nail salons have been my place of choice for a simple nail job until a little light bulb went off in my head and I discovered that I could do it myself.  I have tons of nail products anyway so the deed was as good as done.  To be honest though,  I’ll never completely give up on my girls because they always do a great job, but nail maintenance in between visits is especially vital.

I have five products in my regimen that target specific problems.

Problem: Dry cuticles

Prescription: Cuticle oil and Revlon cuticle remover

Problem: Dry hands

Prescription: True Blue Spa Just a Minute Hand Scrub

Problem: Weak nails

Prescription: Nicole by O.P.I. Vitamin Plus nail fortifier


Problem: Slow growth

Prescription: Sally Hansen Maximum Growth top coat

Color is always optional in your regimen, it surely never hurts!

I perform a quick manicure on myself that lasts for days.  The routine is really simple, and can be repeated every few days or as needed.  I try to do mine every four to five days because the polish starts to look dull.

First, I apply the Revlon cuticle remover to the cuticle and the sides of the nails.  This helps to soften the cuticles and remove the dead skin.  Rinse.

This next part is important because it keeps your nails in tact.  I use the True Blue Spa sugar scrub to exfoliate my hands and in between the fingers. I also take the scrub and place it over the cuticles and gently scrub away any excess skin.  I did this after four months of missing a manicure at the nail salon and my cuticles looked so fresh afterwards.

Next, I dry my hands off and apply a light coat of lotion.  You can use your judgement to figure out what works for you.  I personally use any body cream or butter that I may have.  I apply two coats of the nail fortifier and finish off with the clear maximum growth top coat.  You can apply color of course, but sometimes I opt for healthy and simple looking nails.

Finally, you’re just going to apply a little cuticle oil to the cuticle after the polish dries.  This helps to lubricate the cuticles and lock in moisture.  Use moisturizing gloves to lock in the oil.

This regimen will only take out a few minutes of your day and it’s well worth it.  DIY nail care is always affordable and worth it, especially because salon visits can become costly.  Try it out, it works wonders for my hands!



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