Bella Mechelle Beauty

About BellaMechelle

So first things first… my real name is Stephanie.  I’m a mother, sister, daughter, dreamer, and a lover.  There’s so many aspects to me but this blog will only reflect a few.  I’m an Army brat, which is an easier way of saying that I’m an extremely cultured individual with great horizons.  I’m a recent graduate of Norfolk State University’s Spring class of  2010 where received my B.A. in Journalism; now, I’m looking for my breakout in the beauty industry.  Being the ultimate girly girl, I’m striving to learn as much as I can about the beauty industry and hoping to leave my own mark someday.  My mom always tells me stories about how I used to play with her makeup and make a huge mess 😀 , and now, I know why.  Beauty addict doesn’t even begin to describe me.  My undying loves include traveling, culture, my family, and open-minded individuals (once again, this credit goes to the Army!).  I can’t wait to take you through my personal tunnel of beauty and share what I know!  Please, feel free to contact me for requests or tips on how to improve; I’m a firm believer in giving to get and vice versa.


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