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Pop Beauty — Mini Ribbon Lipgloss

Posted on: May 10, 2011

I recently visited ULTA beauty to get some products to jumpstart my professional makeup kit… I ended up spending $263 and luckily, I also walked out with a ton of free samples! I got a Brit beauty bag from Pop Sugar, two skincare items from Benefit, and a Mini Ribbon lipgloss from Pop Sugar. I decided to do this review because this gloss has the ultimate moisturizing ingredient: jojoba oil! I’ve mainly heard about this oil being used on hair, but because of the great reviews I decided to try it.

So when you open it up there are three “ribbons” of gloss: one is red, another pink, and the last is a champagne color. My tin is called Peony Pink. The smell kind of reminds of the hairgrease my mom used to use on my when I was younger, but no worries… It doesn’t taste like that! You’re supposed to apply the gloss with your finger, but make sure you are aware of WHEN you’re applying it. Your hands always have germs on them so wash before application or throwaway the gloss within a month or so. Overall, I give this product a 4/5. It doesn’t make me want to throw my Chapstick, but it’s giving it some strong competition!

Check it out here.


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