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So I’ve been away for awhile…

Posted on: October 23, 2010

… but I’ve been up to good things :D!  The bad news is that I’ve been away for so long because my reliable Sony Vaio all of a sudden DIED… my motherboard failed.   So I’ve been out of a computer since August.  Thankfully, my hot pink customized laptop is on it’s way to the rescue!

I haven’t really been up to much… I started a second job as a teaching assistant for Pre-K and it’s by far the most interesting job I’ve ever had.  These kids are so bold, ,and sometimes I can’t believe the things they say or do… like, their parents seriously think it’s ok!  Being a parent myself, I’ve learned what NOT to do in the first month of school.   Kids are really something else!  There are always a few rotten apples in the bunch, but even they are the ones that make the experience worthwhile.

ENOUGH about that… It’s Norfolk State’s homecoming week and I finally get to meet up with my girls after a busy summer!  I’m more than ready to hop in some stilettos and go out… we’re supposed to be going to a cabaret (that means it’s SATC time).  I’m trying to keep it simple: strapless and sleek.  Easy does it, right?  After all of these long work days I’m in dire need of a chicas night out!

Drink of choice for the night: White Russian!  Happy homecoming NSU!


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